Damon Chan

用Black Mirror 黑鏡預知科技未來

「預知未來」未必需要特異功能,只要掌握一種可對社會有深刻觀察及體會的科學,即可以粗略預知未來;科學寓言Black Mirror被捧為「神劇」,英編劇Charlie Brooker完美示範如何單憑智慧及知識,便能預測科技引導社會發展的路向。繼在全球引起廣泛討論及注意後...

About myself

#Name: Damon Chan

#Contact: Email - Instagram - Facebook - Flickr

Based in Oslo, raised and nurtured in Hong Kong, Damon specialises in UI, UX and Graphic design during daytime; and a creative writer / freelance journalist (music, culture, city, travel...) by night.

Currently running his new media platform newbee.no, preparing for the next issue of the magazine Oh Oslo, and looking for new opportunities.

Damon's articles have been published on Mingpao, HKEJ, Aftenposten, Nuyou, and also on his self-founded platforms 3CMusic.com and Newbee.