Damon Chan


Mage在挪威文是肚亦是肚腩。豬腩肉,pork belly,在挪威最近的概念是ribbe,即是ribs;在丹麥則是Flæskesteg。


About myself

#Name: Damon Chan

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Based in Oslo, raised and nurtured in Hong Kong, Damon specialises in UI, UX and Graphic design during daytime; and a creative writer / freelance journalist (music, culture, city, travel...) by night.

Currently preparing for the next issue of the magazine Oh Oslo and working for a tech consultancy in Oslo called Shortcut.

Damon's articles have been published in Mingpao, HKEJ, Aftenposten, Nuyou, and also on his self-founded platforms 3CMusic.com and Newbee.