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英國脫歐Brexit公投六月二十三日進行,脫歐陣營一路走來由沒什麼可能到在最近的opinion poll中領先,這令英國甚至全世界都對最後結果感到無比緊張,最後結果,本文見報之時料有分曉。



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#Name: Damon Chan

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Based in Oslo, raised and nurtured in Hong Kong, Damon is a frontend-developer, who specialises in UI, UX and Graphic design during daytime, and a creative writer / freelance journalist (music, culture, city, travel...) by night.

Currently working for Hava Media, a start-up that focuses on web services, including projects like N4G, Releases.com.

Articles have been published on Mingpao, HKEJ, Nuyou and on his self-founded music website 3CMusic.com.